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A CLUB’S audio fund-raiser has raked in £700 to get a charity which raises money for wounded troops.

The Little Projects Association Membership, in Industrial Road, at Hartlepool’s Marina, frequently keeps audio evenings to boost money to get a number of causes.

£700 was increased by “We for Aid for Characters that will be simply wonderful, and we'd want to thank everybody who contributed gifts and everybody who arrived about the evening to aid the cause.”

A large number of people loved the night and packed in to the membership.

As a whole, they stated now, person in Little Projects club team Dorothy Stansil, were able to increase £700 for that trigger: the environment was excellent and also “It was an excellent evening.

They asked along stone two- a group that has performed in the membership on many events previously – as well as used a market, games of bingo, and raffles is –ed by some Revolver Mixture.

A spokesperson for Aid The Characters stated: “The sum increased by this membership is simply wonderful.

“To increase £700 in one single evening is simply extraordinary.

“The charity is very thankful to any company which gives money for this extremely important cause.”

The cash was raised through ticket revenue of £3 per individual as well as in the raffle, bingo and market.

The live audio was again supplied by well-known group Revolver. Additionally they had a a market and a raffle for a tattoo voucher along with boat excursions, along side activities and general fun activities.

When over £750 was gathered, in December a year ago the little team organized a charity evening, this time around in support of historic youth team Hartlepool Sea Cadets.

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